From Lounge to Live Room

IFMG ISO Drums Mics 3.jpg

It seems that the one thing we were lacking was at the top of every Indie band’s desires: a live room. Originally, we had designed our space as a mixing and overdub suite, with an attached lounge. Previously, when working on full band productions, we would track all of our drums at Ryan Hoyle’s Sherman Oaks drum studio, bringing the tracks back to our space Downtown for guitars and vocals. Even with Ryan’s outstanding room and drum sounds, the need to track live and record from start to finish under one roof was a topic of discussion.

So basically, after consistently hearing the question “where’s your live room,” we decided to convert our (really comfortable and awesome) lounge into a (really comfortable and awesome) live room.

After getting the room acoustically treated, we added a Sugar Percussion drum kit, multiple snare drums, and a slew of Paiste and Zildjian cymbals. We can safely say our live room is littered with high-end microphones, vintage amps, and the most ridiculous drum set up possible.