About Us

In early 2011…In Flight Music Group set on a course to provide Artists and Songwriters a solution to the problem of non-existent artist development and low recording budgets created by a recording industry in turmoil…

Now in 2018, the core mission and values of IFMG remain unchanged, although the processes have been adapted to the contemporary market.

Focused on the development of a unique licensing catalog that showcases songs with an edgy lyrical and melodic undertone and live instrumentation, we combine exceptional personnel and facilities with good old fashion hard work to provide artists the opportunity to create freely while their songs are marketed aggressively.

The fruits of our labor allow multimedia professionals the opportunity to access outstanding new masters that we don’t believe would have been able to be created outside of our unique musical eco-system.

From our critically acclaimed community Songwriting event: Writer’s Block., to our dream recording studios, to our results based artist-centric marketing, In Flight Music Group provides a home for musicians and a convenient location for music licensers the world over to obtain quick and easy 1-stop licensees of cutting-edge masters.


Matt Salazar

Lucas Flood

Zephan Hwang

Creative Director

A&R and Licensing


After fifteen years in the record industry, Matt keeps IFMG on an upward trajectory. With his perfectionist approach, he creates blockbuster productions best placed on the big screen. When not charting billboard or scoring an orchestra, Matt enjoys headbanging to Metallica to keep the juices flowing.

Hailing from Albany, New York with a degree in Communications, Lucas prefers to use his ears and heart to source and place hard-hitting rock tracks. Known for wearing all black, Lucas blows off steam starting acoustic jam sessions with willing parties throughout the office.

With a degree in Business Admin and a strong affinity for soul music, Zephan spends his time ensuring the facilities at IFMG run like a finely oiled machine. The staff has nicknamed him “shep” for his shepherd like oversight and attention to detail. Join him for an old-fashioned at the next Writer’s Block.

Josh Moran

Studio Assistant

A graduate of LARS, Josh has spent the majority of his time between tracking sessions at IFMG refurbishing the vintage Solid State Logic console installed in our mixing and overdub suite.