IFMG Launches ‘Mad Muse Studios’

Formerly known as In Flight Music Studios, Mad Muse Studios is a professional Los Angeles recording studio and sound stage. Our core belief is that creatives are at their best when working in an artistic space together, which is why you won’t find a single structural wall inside our immersive studio space.

Adorned by beautifully crafted acoustic treatments, the studio is filled with a wild collection of pristine vintage instruments, cutting edge digital recording technology, and advanced video equipment that will make your project feel larger than life.

Seasoned staff awaits you and values your business. We’re dedicated to make your recording or filming experience as smooth and productive as possible.

Our Fashion District Location is two blocks from the 10 freeway and is easily accessible from Hollywood, Burbank, and Santa Monica areas.

Give us a call and find out why working at Mad Muse Studios is an experience like no other.