Far from your typical bedroom pop indie artist, The Shakes are a brilliant glimpse into a world of clarity. Composed of songwriter Sean Perry as the frontman, Cameron Pearson on guitar, Syd Tagle on keys/synth, Tanner Henderson on bass and Levi matullis on the drums, The Shakes are a modge podge of individuals with an artistic voice unlike anything else in the current indie scene.

Drawing from every key decade of pop, the group infuses R&B sounds and infectious lyricism with every single.
Their debut EP, “With Every Moment”, dropped summer of 2018, and it shows more than the band’s natural progression of releases. It debuts their infectious style, heartfelt dedication, and untouchable passion to anyone who is lucky enough to hear it. Perry’s two bedroom demos of the six songs included on the EP is the sure teller sign of the genuine nature of the members and their devotion to making their art accessible to all. Every song is fluid, down to earth, and absolutely captivating.
Whether it’s exploring topics like the complications of relationships or the struggle with faith and identity, the Shakes find no topic unreachable.

Their music is stunningly human in its vulnerability and beauty, making every song a sensual experience. The Shakes are not for your ears. They are not for your eyes or your tongue. The Shakes are for your soul.

With the Shakes constantly active on every platform, finding new and inventive ways to display their art, and engaging daily with their listeners, nothing is holding back the force of their voice. These unstoppable musicians are on a duty to speak. We just have to listen.

Band Members

Sean Perry – lead vocals, guitar

Cameron Pearson – guitar

Syd Tagle – keys, synth

Tanner Henderson – bass

Levi Matullis – bass, backing vocals