Artist Licensing Packet

A Recording & Publishing Opportunity
 In Flight Music Group targets edgy songs with the capability of powerful cinematic undertones. Utilizing our state of the art recording studio and veteran production team, we craft larger than life masters that appeal directly to the lucrative sync market. Our licensing team provides targeted and aggressive outreach, to make sure your tracks are in the right hands at the right times while our Marketing and P.R. departments connect the world with your music.

Music supervisors are not only placing music in film, t.v., advertising…. they’re actively searching for what’s next, taking pride in breaking unique acts with the hottest tracks. The birth and exponential growth of digital media outlets such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Amazon, have forced music supervisors to require quick and convenient access to great songs with high quality recordings.

However, supervisors everywhere were brought to their knees with the task of licensing mass quantities of music (through traditional outlets) at such a rapid rate. With so many different publishers and rights holders trying to get “their way or the highway” with every song licensed, the archaic music publishing machine had begun to work against itself.

Production music houses and non-exclusive sync libraries popped up like weeds, claiming to offer supervisors the coveted one-stop license that relieves them of the burden of battling multiple rights holders against tight deadlines.

But, there was a major problem: the quality of songs and recordings were less than stellar. With 30,000 song catalogs consisting of nothing more than bedroom and amateur recordings that sounded and felt nothing like the label quality masters that had previously been placed, Music Supervisors were again left frustrated.

…Enter In Flight Music Group…

Common Licensing Options

Option #1: Sync Libraries
Sync libraries are easy to join with no real commitment. The deals (in most cases) are non-exclusive, split 50/50, allowing you to retain 100% of your publishing rights.
Downfalls Of Sync Libraries…
Massive Library:
Your tracks will sit alongside thousands of others. And while your songs may have the potential  to be licensed, they will become lost in obscurity, overcome by tracks of mediocre or downright awful quality. It’s like the radio station that plays crap music 90% of the time, you don’t go back, and neither do the best music supervisors.Is your music surrounded by thousands of tracks mediocrity?
No Identity:
When surfing through a sync library, a music supervisor sees only a slew of play buttons and maybe, if you’re lucky, a picture of you or your band. They have no chance to get to know your identity or to grasp at anything more than the sounds through their speakers, and we all know that presentation is everything. Is your Artist Brand being fully represented to Music Supervisors?
No One Fighting for You:
Initially, you may have a point of contact within the company that’s willing to push your tracks to supervisors, but once their initial excitement wears off, it’s so long to you. Is your music being aggressively pitched to perfectly matched licensing opportunities?
Nine to Five Mentality:
The music industry operates far beyond the hours of 9-5. Music supervisors are often on crazy deadlines, sometimes left with less than 24 hours to license music to their film or tv show before it’s distributed to the World. While there may be times a license can be purchased directly through a sync library’s website, Music Supervisors often need to speak directly with a representative of the song to get the job done or they’ll just pass and find a different track. Can a Music Supervisor reach your licensing representative at 10pm on a Sunday night?
Option #2: Standard Publishing Deal
From indie publishers, all the way up to the majors, publishing deals often come with a money advance. It is not uncommon for a publisher to offer an artist anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000+ to own, in perpetuity, the copyright to every song the artist writes over the period of their agreement.
Downfalls Of A Standard Publishing Deal…
Song Ownership:
Every song you write within the term of a traditional publishing contract is owned by your Publisher. That means every dollar generated from every song you write during that period of years goes to pay off that publishing advance. Are you comfortable with a company you’ve had no previous relationship with forever owning every song you write over the next three years?
Getting to the Next Level:
The validation and of course the cash from an advance can be great. But that money always seems to go to quick and really only serves as a starting point for the artist to build on. If you’re supporting yourself from that advance, do not forget to take the following “costs of business” into consideration: Co-writers, Producers, Studio Time, and Marketing. Do you have the means to get yourself to the next level while your advance is being recouped?
 No Marketing & P.R.:
Let’s say you made it all happen and are in possession of an outstanding master recording. It will take a hungry marketing team working hard to create a cohesive brand for you. Unless you’re pumping your tunes to the right blogs, radio stations, hot playlists, lifestyle influencers, etc, your fire track will just go unheard. A publisher, after already giving you an advance won’t be in a hurry to put up more cash to facilitate the marketing of your release. A few social media posts don’t count! Do you have the ability to pay a Marketing and P.R. company for a complete Marketing Plan?
 You’ll be Shelved Without Hesitation:
If you don’t have traction early on and the advance well runs dry, your publisher will have a choice: invest more time and money or chalk your signing up as a loss and toss you on the shelf. What’s worse is that during that time, you’re rotten potatoes to labels who know if they can’t get a piece of the publishing, it’s impossible for them to recoup. How will you avoid being tossed on the shelf and untouchable?
In Flight Music Group’s Solution Combines…
State of the Art Recording Studio
Targeted New School Marketing
Meticulous Publishing & Licensing
 In Flight Music Group has crafted an opportunity for artists and songwriters that serves as a resolution to the choice between bad or worse.

Our Process Gives Your Whole Career a Shot of Adrenaline…

Small & Unique Catalog

We target tracks that are edgy and cinematic…the ones that are larger than life, with relatable themes, gripping lyrical content, and are often easily supported by 60 piece orchestras…

 Contrary to the large internet Sync Libraries, we don’t sign every track under the sun. Your tracks are featured alongside other high quality licensable tracks that were curated and chosen in an identical fashion.

 We want to keep music sups coming back. Boring them with 30,000 sterile, low quality tracks is not the best way to do that. Think of our catalog like a baseball team with a starting lineup of nine MVPS, rather than a team with one superstar and eight burnouts.


Win Win Situation

Once your songs are in the In Flight Music Group catalog, we need to get them noticed! Instead of aimlessly blasting your tracks to every Music Supervisor under the sun (they HATE that), we compile lists of music supervisors working on films, t.v. shows, and advertising that go hand in hand with your sound. We want to present your songs as solutions to their workload, not just another track in their inbox that will never be heard.

Never Get Shelved

Having a hot track is an awesome thing. It’s great for building your Spotify play count, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for every sync opportunity on the table. That’s why we curate selections of songs that hit specific points within the market, allowing for much longer shelf lives.

 Targeting songs with obvious emotional identity and space that allows sups and music editors to easily “fit” your track into a scene today, tomorrow, and years from now, keeps you relevant far beyond what the confines of the traditional music industry would ever allow.


High quality masters are the first step towards licensing your tracks. But, equally important is your brand. We need you the ARTIST to stand out as much as your tracks do so when a music supervisor hears your song through our custom playlists, they are so intrigued that they are continually on the lookout for a spot to place your music.

 Your In Flight Music Group talent page acts as a press kit that features band photos, bios, videos, etc. giving the full picture of who you are as an Artist.

Aggressive & Targeted

Music supervisors have told us time and time again that they scour blogs, playlists, college radio stations, and social media for the next track to put on their film, tv show, or ad. It is in our combined  interests to have your music in as many places as possible. This takes much more than just hitting upload on Spotify or Soundcloud.

We want to take your brand and strategically place it on various platforms and within various markets. Through an aggressive release process and targeted marketing, we can drastically increase the odds of your music ending up in the right place at the right time.

We Are Always Working

Its Sunday night and a music supervisor is on deadline for Monday morning, 9a.m. The sup comes across your music, loves it, and thinks it could round off the project. With us, you don’t have to worry about your sync library rep having a netflix and chill, missing a great opportunity. We’re not in the business of kicking ourselves the next morning over missed opportunities. After hours all licensing inquiries are directed to the bat phone of our head of licensing. We take the calls!

Utilization of Advance

We don’t offer a cash advance, instead we put those funds immediately to use for your music with our in-house full service production, marketing, P.R, and licensing machine.

Here’s How We Do it

Step 1: Production

Our roster of producers, composers, and songwriters help you get your songs in top shape. From there you’ll go straight inside our newly built state of the art recording studio in the heart of Downtown LA and get your tracks laid down in style.

If you already have some great recordings, well just send them over to one of our experienced mixing engineers where your multitrack gets top treatment through our vintage Solid State Logic 8064G+ console and outboard gear.

Step 2: Marketing & P.R.

With the production side wrapped, we craft a complete marketing plan for your music that your that targets radio, blogs, playlists, and every other place that makes your music visible to the right people. Our Marketing and P.R. efforts are all based upon an immense amount of data collection relative to your music (it’s our secret sauce!).

Step 3: Licensing

Working the marketing plan makes your music visible fast. We combine that visibility with targeted outreach to music supervisors, music editors, and show runners that we know will love your sound.

Lets Connect!
We don’t believe there is a company any other place in the world that pulls together all the tools most important for the success and longevity of independent artists.
We focus on the only thing that will get these creatives to the next level: the songs.
From providing artists with a creative home and family, marketing support, and a real path to financial success, In Flight Music Group looks forward to your next release!