2301 E 7th
2301 E 7th

A Unique Recording Experience

Every artist, every song, and every session is unique, but expecting a personalized writing, recording or mixing experience is universal. Our professional production staff, combined with a highly equipped, expertly tuned, and eloquently appointed recording studio, provide a home away from home for those who desire greatness in their recordings. From Grammy Nominees and awarded Film Composers to new artists on the rise, our relationships with clients are built on reliability, trust, and a desire to always put the artist’s recording experience as our first priority.

Solid State Logic 8064 G+

Our Downtown Los Angeles recording studio is centered around a Solid State Logic 8064 G+ series recording console. Originally installed in the infamous Record One studio facility, the console has been completely refurbished in 2017 and is ready to help create its next round of hit records.

Vintage & Boutique Equipment

With over 100 channels of vintage and boutique analog outboard gear, plus one of the most complete plugin collections available, our Downtown Los Angeles recording studio has the tools and capability to deliver your best mix yet.

High-Performance D.A.W

Recent versions of Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X, Cubase Pro, Ableton Live, and Reason are installed inside a new model Apple Mac Pro. Conversion is provided by 64 channels of Avid HD I/O AD/DA connected via Avid HDX card for ultra-low latency.

Classic Microphones

Every artist’s voice is unique. Regardless an artist’s vocal tonality, their voice will alwas be well represented by one of the recording studio’s wide variety of classic Neumann, Telefunken, A.K.G., Sony or boutique microphones.

Guitars, Amps, Synths, Effects

Take advantage of the numerous guitars, synthesizers, amplifiers, and effects to craft your sonic landscape. Ever wonder what a vintage Marshall Plexi Superlead would sound like on your next record? What about a polyphonic Moog analog synthesizer? It’s all here and waiting.

Drums, Drums, & More Drums

If there’s a drum sound that has made an impact on popular music in the past 80 years, it’s made available to you and your productions. From 1940’s Leedy, to 1960’s Ludwig, to 1980’s Gretsch, to 1990’s Sonar, these kits and incredible sounds are ready to provide the sonic foundation of your tracks.

Drum Studio of Dreams

We’ve partnered with renowned drummer Ryan Hoyle and his amazing sounding drum studio to offer you the best drum recording experience in the world. The perfect lineup of drums, microphones, and of course a gorgeous sounding room removes all limitations for you to achieve the drum sound you’ve been chasing your whole life.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Remove the pressure and keep the fidelity. The studio at In Flight Music Group is a space as comfortable as your favorite hang, delivering the same sonic goodness as those coveted rooms built so long ago. The low-pressure modern vibe makes this unique studio the creative hub of Downtown Los Angeles.

The Best Musicians In The World

What’s having one of the greatest production rooms in the world worth if you don’t have a few great musicians to go along with it? Being a working studio in Los Angeles has allowed us to cross paths with some pretty talented folks. From drummers to orchestrators, we bring world class musicians to your recordings.