Matt Salazar


Although the techniques involved in music production and mixing are obsessions of Matt’s, he hates to call himself a producer or mixer. Matt’s mission in the studio is to present artistry in a way that catches the ears of new fans, promoters, bloggers, and industry professionals.

Matt’s career has definitely taken the non-traditional route. Matt has been producing and mixing records in Los Angeles for fifteen years, and in that time, has had the chance to build and work in some of the best recording studios in the world…not to mention the outstanding musicians he’s had the opportunity to record.

As a teenager in Los Angeles, Matt was busy assisting and engineering for bands like Kill Hannah and Rilo Kiley, while working side by side with producers like Jon Brion, Mark Trombino, and Andy Johns. From there, Matt began to independently develop artists. His productions resulted in multiple deals with imprints of Warner Bros. Records, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music. 

When the rock scene all but vanished from LA in the mid-2000’s, Matt moved on to Film Music. Eventually opening the largest independent scoring stage in Los Angeles (2008) where he recorded orchestras for Fox, Warner Bros, Miramax, etc. The recording studio was featured on two covers of Mix magazine in 2009 and attracted the likes of Mutt Lange, who utilized Matt as engineer, as well as Rob Cavallo, who used Matt as a mixer while chairman of Warner Bros. In 2013, Matt reached #2 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound with Running the Risk, the first rock group developed through In Flight Music Group.

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